Pick / Build Me some Strong & Light Wheels

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Well, the deal I was hoping to get on the I9 Enduros I wanted fell through :cry:

This means I now need to find another set of wheels.

Budget is a fairly healthy £400

I'm pretty heavy (6ft and 16st) and I ride quite hard (ooo-err) so I need a set of wheels that's very strong. I'd also like it to be light as possible.

Wheels need to be 20mm front and preferably 10mm rear but QR is ok too.

I'm looking at AM/enduro type wheelsets and so far I've got the following options within my budget:

American Classic AM
Easton Havoc AM
Mavic Crossmax SX
DT Swiss EX1750

Custom build could well be the way to go, but I'm not sure quite what to go for.
In an ideal world, orange and white are the colours of choice, but I'll go for function over form in this instance if I must :wink: .

Any and all suggestions more than welcome.