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The next bit on my bike to change is the wheels, so I'm after a bit of advice. Budget is up to £150 and the wheels would be for disc use only.

I've been looking at: XT hubs, XM317 rims and DB spokes (£125 ish from Merlin) or Mavic Crossride Disc (£125 '09 Merlin). Merlin also do some Fulcrum Red Metal 10's for the same price. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance, Matt.


  • supersonic
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    I prefer the handbuilts as tend to be better made with easier to get parts.
  • I think I prefer the 'looks' of the Crossrides, but the quality of the XT wheels is surely a winner.

    Thanks for the advise again :)
  • jay12
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    if yu reak a spoke/s on mavic complete wheels it's hard to get them and they are expensive to replace
  • bulesz
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    you can find a Fulcrum Red Metal on ebay for 150 bucks, and I think that is the best price/quality/coolfactor ratio...

    The diff between the RM 10 and RM 5 is the spokes (RM 5 has aero cool and stiff spokes), and the rear hub seems to be more robust...

    Today I missed one set for 98 bucks.. :(

    So if you have 150 GBP, you do better go for RM 5...