A 2,500 mile fork

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I'm looking for a suspension fork for a specific purpose - to set up a hardtail to tackle the Great Divide Trail this autumn - The Divide is a mainly off road (rough roads, firetracks, some single track but mostly not technical) from Banff in Canada to the Mexican border.

I'm looking at somewhere in the £250 to £500 range, short travel (120mm).

Key things I'm looking at are:

1. Absolute reliability and/or easy maintenance if something goes wrong.
2. Good adjustability so I can lock out at the bottom for long climbs, at the top for long stretches of good roads, and also adjust according to the wide variety of surfaces I'm likely to meet.
3. Good ability to absorb small shocks - i.e. something that will absorb waterboard surfaces rather than necessarily designed to tackle hard hitting descents.

For similar trips in the past I've used Marzocchi MX forks, but thats a few years ago and they seem less favoured now according to my reading of reviews

Any helpful comments welcomed 8)


  • bannedbiker
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    RS Reba's.
    I've got a pair on my rockhopper. They're light, have a good feel to them and are pretty easy to maintain. So easy in fact that the first day i had my bike i rode it to work, stripped them down and removed a spacer to take them from 100mm to 120mm travel in the 30mins i had before work started! Without a manual or having done it before it took me about 15-20mins!
    They've got lock out with threshold too.
    I've had mine for just under a year, probably done 1kMiles of rough road, fire road, singletrack, open moorland etc and havn't had even a sniff of an issue!
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    I`d also reccomend Rebas.Had mine for 3 years.Recently serviced them myself,very easy to do ,and the insides were still like new.

    Spares availabilty is good too.
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    For absolute reliability you should perhaps looks for a proper metal spring sprung fork rather than air spung - Rabas should be serviced of some sorts every 50 hours riding (according to the retric)
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    I'd agree with going for a coil fork for reliabilty. A coils should also be a bit plusher over small bumps. Look for coil RS Revelations or Fox Vanillas
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    +1 for coil
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    Definatly some Fox Vans.

    Get them serviced just before you go and you shouldn't need to touch them :D
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    I'd go for an RS Tora Coil. Extremely robust, little to go wrong, and performs well.
  • BlackSpur
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    Fox's require servicing every year and I think the average riding year is much less than 2500 miles! If Marzocchi hadn't gone down the pan recently I'd say go for a 'zocchi coil, they do claim to have sorted all the issues out now and the old ones were pretty much bombproof!
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    Thanks for the feedback, I'll go see whats available. I hadn't realized coil springs absorbed small stuff better than air - I've used air forks for touring in the past because I like the adjustability.