Vittoria Pitstop - any drawbacks?

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A few questions about the squirty foam. Basically i want to know whether there are any drawbacks to using this stuff on tubs and clinchers.

(1) Does it damage the tyre at all?

(2) How many times can you use it on the same ride? Ie what if you get another puncture in the same wheel after you've squirted it in?

(3) Can you use it with clinchers as well as tubs and are there any differences?


    APIII Posts: 2,010
    1) No
    2) The latex should fill any new puncture. I've never had a second flat on the same ride. However, I hit a drain cover a couple of weeks after using it and got a pinch flat which didn't seal.
    3) I've used it on both (Only because I was too lazy to change the tube once)
  • pete.whelan
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    You might need to use it again after about a year (I'm using a tub I 'repaired' with it about 3 yrs ago and had to put in a bit more last year. - tub is latex tube and one that I don't want to lift off the wheel)
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