Do I need a new saddle

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Had my saddles for a few years now. Specialized alias on road bike and Specialized rival on my mtb. They both look in good condition but don't know if after several years and a few thousand km's do they need replacing. I noticed that the saddles feel quite hard on the surface but can't remember if this is how they were originally. Are saddles something that should be replaced on a regular basis like helmets?


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    If they are comfy don't change them :D
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    Food in the fridge is the only thing that needs replacing quite regularly and even with that you need to apply a bit of common sense and skepticism.

    There is no reason to replace a saddle as there is no reason to replace a helmet (unless you've split opened it, that is).

    Chains wear and so do cassettes, cables, tyres and brake pads. But replacement should always follow and not anticipate their real wear.
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  • noticed a bit of rubbing and more sore than last year but i'm guessing that is probably more to do with not really riding since around august last year. cheers replys, i'll hold onto them a bit longer.