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Hi, first time post so please be gentle. I bvought a specialized sirrus comp a couple of years ago and use it to commute 25 mile round trip to work every day. I also try and do a 40 mile run out at the weekend. I have entered into a triathlon in a couple of months as well as 140 miles over 2 days in June in Wales. Everyone else will be on their Bianchis, Colnagos etc. I am looking for a faster hybrid. I have tried a specialized pro carbon and a Boardman pro team, which were both great. I am 6'3" tall. Any help gratefully received. I have tried both Evans and Edinburgh Cycles who were no help. I prefer if possible a Hybrid cycling position as I am 43 and inflexible!! Cheers, all


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    Isnt there a S Works flat bar knocking about somewhere?
    That oughtta be fast
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    Are you looking at another hybrid flat-bar road bike, or are you considering a drop-bar bike?

    You can still ride on the hoods on a drop-bar road bike, which will give you a similar position to a hybrid but with the extra option of a drop bar position for headwinds etc.

    A 'sportive' drop-bar road bike tends to have less aggresive geometry than a 'race' road bike. This combined with a high(ish) stem may give you more options than a straight hybrid ~ especially for your 140 mile jaunt.
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    You will find a bike with drops more effective and efficient for both your target events. The position is easy to get used to after a couple of rides, and at 43 you are not too old to start using drops.

    Might be worth seeing if you could borrow one from a mate to see if you can get used to the position, or try and get a test ride at an LBS

    As above a sportive geometry may suit your needs.
  • A Specialized Roubaix Elite/Expert/Comp models have quite an upright position due to a long head tube and head set spacers set for a upright riding position.

    Might be worth a look.
  • Forgot to put..

    Specialized Roubaix comes an a Aluminium version the 'Secteur'.

    My first bike was/is a Roubaix.
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    If you're set on flat bars then Cannondale do a flat bar version of the Synapse and the Giant Rapid range looks to be the same as the Defy range but with flat bars
  • Thanks for all your help. I am bidding on A Specialized pro carbon and going to a place called Royles in Wilmslow to look at some of these Sportive bikes and will let you know. Thanks to everyone who took time out to help. Much appreciated