Straightening out dented rims

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Hit a rather large pothole this morning on the way in (thats what I get for moving over from the middle of the road to allow a motorbike to overtake!), in the process not only blowing out front and rear tubes but also damaging the rims of both wheels!

I've managed in the past with such damage on an alloy wheel to knock it back into shape using a range of kinds of brute force, pliers, hammer etc, is there however a recommended way to do this?

My front wheel is also a ceramic faced mavic pro rim, which is only mildly damaged compared to the rear (alloy) rim, is it possible to get the ding out of this without doing even more damage?

I had been thinking of getting a new rear wheel anyway but not quite so soon!

Any helpful suggestions welcome.
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    Not sure I would be too keen on riding a wheel that had been damaged like this and then repaired. Aluminium isn't a metal that likes to be cold worked at all. The damage first of all would have put a strain on the area and then the bending back would multiply the strain. Maybe if you have access and knowledge to heat treating it then it might be ok but the hassle factor would be horrendous. I think its a new set of wheels I'm afraid.
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    Markos, not what I want to hear at all, though on the other hand a good reason to argue with the missus the need for a new wheel? had another look at the front and it isn't anywhere near as bad as the back which is dimpled on both sides. Given the rim wall is noticeably dished probably down to the metal itself getting thin and weak in any case.

    Hole logged on Fillthathole, only wish I had done so a week ago, maybe the hole wouldn't still be there.

    Then again I'm not sure it was there a week ago, and there is only so much time available to log so many holes!
    'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze....
  • depends how dented but a combination of mole grips and vice normally sorts things suffiiciently , not sure how the ceramic coating would fair though.
    Ive seen old mavic xc rims (Sunsets) and 517s repaired time and again without failure.
    if you are in doubt a decent lbs should be able to fiix it with out too much issue- should be easier than a buckle or flat spot tbh
  • Send the bill for the repair to the council.
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    Send the bill for the repair to the council.

    +1, although they are only liable if someone reported the hole more than a week ago, and they haven't acted on this.

    It would have been a different story if you had injured yourself, then they might have settled out of court. For damages, they will be happy to take it to court if it wasn't reported previously.