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ive done just over a 100 miles on my new specialized road bike now and i think i might be time for its first service but is it to soon? i have noticed that i am making less nosies while riding it and the bike is making more and some times the gears silp how much will a first service cost.


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    How long since purchase? Most shops allow you to bring the bike back in for tweaks and checks after you've ridden it for a week or 2.
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  • ive only had it for about 5 weeks and that is one thing i did not ask the shop i will give them a call, thanks
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    Generally shops will do a first service free - one of the things they do is adjust the brake and gear cables which have stretched.
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    I bought mine from a Specialized Concept store in Cornwall, 1st service (after 6 weeks) is free. Then they recommend every 6 months, currently doing about 250 miles a month
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    If you bought it from a shop it'll usually be 6 weeks for a free service. They'll tighten the cables and check the brakes and bolts.

    If you bought online, then you'll have to pay at a LBS.
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    Or you could learn how to service the bike yourself. Its very easy to set up gears and check for tightness of components etc.

    But if you get stuck, then take it to your LBS.
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