What size chain ring and bash guard?

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I'm currently running a Race Face Deus triple chainset on my Orange 5 but rarely use the outer ring and have whacked it a fair few times. I'm toying with getting a bashguard and maybe a bigger middle ring and doing away with the outer ring. I've got an 11-34 cassette, so what size ring should I get and can anyone recommend a bash guard that'll work well with the Race Face Deus cranks (RF do an alloy one but is this the best). I don't want to spend a fortune in case I don't like it, but don't want cheap cack!

(oh yeah, should I get some sort of chain guide too?)


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    i use 36t and 11-34t in my 1x9 setup, works well for 99% of my riding.
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    I got the 34T RF Light bash ringand it is a work of art. OK you can get a plastic one for a tenner but this is a CNC beauty. No problems fitting and it works great with 22/32 rings.
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    I got the 34T RF Light bash ring and it is a work of art. OK you can get a plastic one for a tenner but this is a CNC beauty. No problems fitting and it works great with 22/32 rings.

    +1 I have one as well, lovely bit of kit
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    I got a E13 bashring and 36T


    It gives a broader spread than 32T


    32x11 = 75.6" = 36x12.5 so only one or maybe 2 gears really
    my trad pull deurallier needs to be so high up that the cable pull angle is not good on the frame. Really I should use a top pull one but I found it filled with mud which the trad pull doesn't
    There's precious little clearance to the chainstay anyway and really NONE with 36T. If you get chainsuck you *really* get chainsuck
    E13 bashrings are oversized for the T rating as they are designed to work with their chain guides

    so I'm thinking of going back to 22/32 x 11-34

    I have a RF 32T bash on an old SS and it's nice. I like the plastic E.13 one but it's expensive and I'd make sure to get one that fits (ie isn't oversized for the T rating)

    so, my advice fwiw; 32/22 and an Ally bash
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  • 36T deore chainring and an E13 DRS is what i'll be using :)
  • Northwind
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    36T is a good balance I think. For the bash, depends what you want it to do really, I have an E13 turbocharger which is light and effective but very expensive and probably not as strong as some. Also a Truvativ Rockguard which I got purely because of its delft china pattern :lol:

    Most times I don't even fit that though, just increasing your ground clearance helps protect the rings so I just run double-and-no-bash.
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    yeah i don't run a bash, i don't ride anything rough enough to need one. I did have one of those raceface light bashes though, came with a raceface atlas dual ring guide (about £80 inc bash, would reccommend it, dead easy to fit and set up and works well) and it was a nice bit of kit, really slick looking compared to the plastic ones i've had.
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    I have just converted my Meta55 to a double +bash (36t Deore ring and e-thirteen bash), works well enough for me...
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    Here's a supplementary question for the technically minded, if I may - I assume the middle chain-ring is likely to be in line with the central sprocket on the cassette for most 3 x 9 set-ups (although I believe some full-suspension bikes may be offset to clear wide chain stays). I am thinking of modifying an older bike with an old-style octalink chainset to be a double+bash, so would it make sense to fit a bottom-bracket with a longer axle to move the chainset out a bit to give more clearance for a 36T ring and reduce the chain flex on the top gears (i.e. smallest sprockets)? Thanks!