New rear wheel for Carrera Vulcan

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I have a Carrera Vulcan and the freehub is knackered. This has given me a good excuse to upgrade the rear wheel. Not too bothered about weight (its a heavy bike anyway) but anything's an improvement when each wheel weighs over 3lbs :P

What exactly should I be looking for in a rear wheel, then? I weigh about 13 and a half stone and ride mostly xc, so not doing any jumps or taking big hits. I know the hub has to be 6-bolt for the rotor. Hub also has to take an 8 speed cassette.

On the subject of cassettes; I currently have a 11-32T one, although I never find myself needing to use the biggest two cogs. Would I be better off with a 11-30T or even 11-28T to give myself a better range of gears for my strength?

Can't afford to spend too much: looking at about 80-90 quid all in for the rear wheel, cassette, and a chain. Was thinking about getting one built by CRC - Deore M525 6 bolt hub, Mavic XM317 rim and SRAM PG830 8spd cassette. That comes in at about 75 quid. Would this be suitable for me and my type of riding?

Many thanks!


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    That wheel would be a great choce. I currently run that hub but have a DT X455 rim on it. Its tough as old boots! I weigh 14 stone and sometimes misbehave with it but have had no problems except 2 snapped spokes (shop rebuilt it badly after the first one snapped) and having top reajust the cup and cone system once or twice. :D
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    Thanks Peter.

    Thinking about getting an XC717 or XM719 instead of the XM317. Better quality, and I'm leaning towards the XM719 since I like to run wide tyres.

    Going for the build on CRC, what spokes would anyone recommend? DT Swiss Champion or DT Swiss Competition (which are double-butted)? Is there any significant advantage to double-butted spokes over non-DB spokes? Having consulted the great Sheldon Brown, I'm still not really sure :oops:
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    Double butted. Build into a more resiliant wheel.

    I thought Sheldon was quite clear on the benefits of butting lol.