Hope Tech X2 user reviews

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Having read the March issue of WMB and taken in the brake group test I have decided to splash out on some new....brakes. I have been looking at the Shimano M595 but now feel I can spend a little more on some Hope Tech X2's or Formula RX. I prefer the look of the Hope's but all the reviews say they are short on power whereas every user review has nothing but praise. I ride only XC and maybe a small bit of rougher stuff so will these brakes suit my needs or should I look at the Formula RX or save some money and go with the Shimanos?


  • supersonic
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    The Shimano came out very well in the test - the most powerful brake there. You lack some adjustment, but reliable and cheap.
  • Levi_501
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    I have Formula and love them,. The performance is brilliant, but bleeding them is not very easy.

    A friend has X2's, the performance is nt quite as good as the Formulas, but servicing and bleeding is dead easy.
  • nik young
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    Ive got tech 2s and if i was being honest I'm a bit disappointed with them,yes you can adjust them all day long which is great but they lack stopping power which is a big thing,they replaced my old battered juicy 7s which had a tonne more power.Ive also got on my other bike 2008 hope mono m4s which are much better
  • misterdun
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    What rotors are you using with the formulas levi-501?
  • Levi_501
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    The ones that came with the calipers.