Ultegra triple front mech woes.

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ive just fitted an new ultegra triple front mech to my colnago which is fitted with a tiagra triple chainset, i know the ultegra is 10 speed and ive got 9 speed but the chain catching off the cage isnt a problem, my problem is the fact the mech catches on the middle chainring when in the big ring. the shimano website says the ultegra mech works with 39 teeth or less middle rings, mines 39 but it catches and grinds to a halt when i change up. hmmmm....any thoughts??
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  • John.T
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    Your Tiagra triple probably has a 50 tooth big ring. The Ultegra mech is optimised for a 52. Try raising the mech a little.
  • k2rider
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    good point, it does indeed have a 50t big ring, at the moment ive ground a big chunk off with my grinder to make it work and have it sat well above the big ring, good job it was only a tenner off crc
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  • Ben6899
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    I agree with John... You can probably get away wit as much as a 3mm gap between the mech and the big ring.

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