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Hi folks

Have seen a number of threads on here about bike fits in London / England but wondered if anyone's had a fitting done in Scotland. I've made a few calls around - there seem to be a few people who offer fits - the one I was considering is the TriCenter in Edinburgh - seems to be about £45 for the standard fit and plans.

There's an older thread here ( but a number of those places have gone out of business, and bike fits do seem to be becoming more common these days. Any recommendations appreciated! Budget is limited, so would only stretch to higher cost if it was a really exceptional service.



  • SCR Pedro
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    I've only ever heard good things about the Tri-Centre. When I spoke with them on the phone, they seemed pretty knowledgeable, compared to the others I spoke with.

    I think they charge £35 too, not £45. It might have changed, though.

    The other place that comes to mind is some shop down the bottom of Broughton Str.

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    You're other oprion would be Dales in Glasgow do The Specialized BG fit.
  • Spender45
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    I was thinking of going down to Edinburgh to the Tri centre this weekend but had to postpone. If you go for it let us know how you get on. Are you doing this for a new bike or to check the set up on an existing bike?
  • majormantra
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    I'd be interested on opinions on the Tri Centre service as well. They've always been really friendly when I've been in there, but I've no idea what the fitting service is like.

  • themightyw
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    I think I'll probably go for it in a week or so (it's a fit on an existing bike). Will let you know how it goes.
  • Brian B
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    I have used the bike fitting in the Tri Centre and can recommend it. Its a top class shop and the people who work/own the shop are cyclists or triathletes themselves. I was so impressed that I have bought a bike from them and pop through on a regular basis to buy other stuff.

    Hope this helps
    Brian B.
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    What Brian B said +1

    I used the Tri-Centre a month ago and they were fantastic. GBP 35 for a fitting and the improvement in position was remarkable. Then I bought a shiny Trek. Great shop, nice guys.[/quote]
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