Last bit of pre purchase advice

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Narrowed it all down to the following:

Carerra Fury 2009
GT Avalanche 1.0 2009
Boardman Sport
Decathlon Rockrider 8.1

Bearing in mind I am buying this bike primarily to complete the 215 mile trans pennine trial route later this year, I will be looking ideally for something light but durable and able to handle a variety of terrain.

Whats the advice? I'm leaning towards the Fury mainly due to looks and value, however the fact that it was £439 not so long ago is nagging at me ;). Other than that Im not sure out of the 4.

Also seen this, but dont know much about the spec on these ... elID=31028


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    Someone has to say it - have you tried any of them? There's a good chance they will all feel different to some degree and you might prefer one over another if you try them out, which would help reassure you that you were making the right decision.
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    myopic wrote:
    have you tried any of them?

    They'll all do the job at the end of the day, specs are fairly similar so all you need to know is how they really feel especially when doing a long jaunt like a 215 mile route.