Kona Fire Mountain Deluxe 18" Thoughts

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Just getting back into mtbing after a 7year gap, car crash's and getting a home got in the way.

Just wondering if anyone has a Kona Fire Mountain Deluxe 18" 2009 model, seem to be able to pick them up pretty cheap now (£319), which even thought at full price it certainly isn't as well spec'd as others but at that price they certainly are competative ,
My other choice is a hardrock disc 2010 @ £349 but Im warry of the suntour forks tbh as when i was last riding they were .....awful,
My last bike was stolen (24/7 Dark angel) , im not to interested in jumping straigt back into the FR/DH scene but more towards some light trails and XC riding, really want to look for something that the frame is going to last a decent amount of time and bits and bobs can be ungraded as a when needed.

thoughts opions gratefully received.


http://www.evanscycles.com/products/spe ... e-ec019400


  • baba123
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    fire mountain is agreat bike but if your going to do proper mountain biking on it change the tyres to something with more grip
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    great bike, spec isnt great, but at that price the frame is second to none...
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