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Blackburn Neuro 6.0

davidcambridge1davidcambridge1 Posts: 275
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I recently bought a Blackburn Neuro 6.0, with a HRM. I bought it second hand, and I can't get it to work. The cadence and the speed sensor works perfectly, but the heart rate monitor won't. You are meant to pair the HRM with the computer, and then it should read your heart rate. However, it pairs, but does not give out a reading on the computer. I thought that this may have been battery related, so I replaced the battery in the HRM, but it still does not give a readng of the heart rate. Is it a problem with the HRM or the computer? Or is it something I am doing wrong??
Your help is much appreciated.


  • Are you making sure you have wet the parts on the strap that pick up your heart rate.
    If you are putting the strap on dry it won't pick up your heart rate.
  • How did I not know that!! Just tried it. And it works!! Thanks!!
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