Reba WC forks wiggle inside steerer tube w/ Hope on Epic frm

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I may as well post a last ditch question here to see if someone can give me any advice on this issue as I am about to give up. I've been trying to build a Specialized Epic 2008 bike with Reba Rockshox World Cup forks. The forks came with the steerer nut installed but no headset so I went out and bought a Hope Threadless headset.

The problem I have is that the fork wiggles near the lower head tube race (using the terminology in Wikipedia here as a reference It feels like the lower head tube race does not really slot tightly into the steerer tube at the bottom. The upper head-tube race fits like a glove. I have all the parts fitted as in the Wikipedia reference picture.

Any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Park terminology would be best.

    Got any pics?

    Sounds like the race is not seated properly or the bearings are not set correctly/upside down
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    you set the crown race (the bottom component in the picture on your link) onto the steerer at the crown yes? that needs a tool (read; correctly sized tube) to get it properly seated, sometimes you have to hit it pretty hard to get it on right it's a tight fit

    as Chunkers says, pics please, especially of the steerer/crown/crownrace assembly
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    lose headset is either parts missing/incorrectly assembled or top cap bottoming out on the top of the steerer.

    which Hope headset is it. with the split crown race or the earlier one with all the O rings?
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