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Hi all,

I'm at the end of my tether with my Hayes Stroker Ryde brakeset. The bleed kit is about as useful as a handle bar mounted ash tray and I've just spent over 30 quid on a new hose only to find it was wrongly advertised by CRC. It was listed as as 1600mm when it's only 1500mm, and therefore isn't long enough for my frame.

Goodridge don't seem to do a hose replacement kit for the Hayes Strokers so I'm stumped.

I'm starting to wonder whether spending any more money of a set of brakes I don't particularly like is the right way to go? They've never been particularly powerful or confidence inspiring.

So I'm thinking I should look at upgrading and just get it out of my system. Who can recommend a decent brakeset for my specialized pitch?



  • I'd say about £300 for the set, max. I've just been reading about the Elixir R's, they sound good.
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    avid elixirs definitely, that or forumla oros
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  • I can get a pair of Elixir R's on CRC for 200 quid, which seems extremely good value, but then I saw the CR's on Merlin for the same price! ... e-set.html

    Only problem is I wanted a 203 rotor on the front and 185 on the rear, the Merlin kit is 185 both ends, but then I could just buy an extra g3 rotor in the 203 size for an extra 45 quid. Then I get the CR's for under 250 quid, which seems pretty good!

    Is there something I'm missing with this Merlin deal? Is it even worth upgrading to the CR's? I read the extra adjustment can be quite handy.
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    I'd get SLX or Deore myself. New Deore are a crazy bargain...
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  • I've just read that the Elixir come with very short hose lengths, so that's them out of the equation,I need a minimum of 1600mm for the rear.

    Now looking at Formula and Shimano.
  • +1 for slx or deore
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    avid elixir 5. £135 for a pair from merlin, super bargain. very powerful and look the dogs too. they are so powerful that they sent me flying over the bars today :lol:
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    Any half decent brake will do that though, my old cantis would do that :lol: It's what they do inbetween that counts.
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    +1 for elixir 5's
  • I'd go for the elixir's if they came with a longer hose length, but it's simply not long enough for my frame.

    I'm very tempted by the Formula RX 2010, they have been reviewed well and seem to be pretty good value. The rear hose length is spot on at 1650mm.

    Anyone know what the standard hose length is on rear shimano brakes?
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    Pretty long, for Shimano, but they do also come with the kit to shorten them (as do formula I think)
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