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The cleat conundrum from a stationary status

furragfurrag Posts: 481
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Tongue tapping titles aside [okay, no more, I promise!], there is a question I pose to the experienced.

After this weeks pedal fiasco [ :lol: :oops:], I have twice now ridden with cleats [Look Keo], and have been fine coming out of them. My problem is at junctions going from a major road to a minor road, thus having to cut across traffic. Despite being in a low gear, with one shoe to push off and the other attached to get some momentum, I struggled to get my free foot back in the pedal. I can't push on the pedal as if it were a flat as my foot slips and it takes me too long to clip in with traffic approaching.

Any hints or tips on how to get off to a quicker start? Is it just a case of practicing getting that foot in quickly?


  • balthazarbalthazar Posts: 1,566
    I think, just practice. Hope that the push from the other foot is enough to get clipped in on the first rotation; but be prepared to either carry through another revolution or two with only the clipped in foot for power, or to pedal gently with the disconnected one. If that, then it may be safer to pedal with the middle of your foot, roughly locking the cleat ahead of the pedal. Really, though, you should expect to clip in immediately.
  • teulkteulk Posts: 557
    Just a quick one on this, i currently have SPD's on my mountain bile but am getting my firt road bike in a few weeks that will have Look Keo pedals on it. Would i be right in assuming that i shouldnt have any problems converting to the Looks from SPD ie clipping in and out.
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  • lighter gear and cycle one-legged
  • HonestAlHonestAl Posts: 406
    ride_whenever's spot on, if you bugg*r up instantly clipping back in, then as long as you're not in a huge gear you can pedal one legged while gently resting the offending foot on the other pedal till you're able to regain your composure :)
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  • floosyfloosy Posts: 270
    its just practice..... it will soon become second nature.... :)
  • Like above, i start off completley clipped in my right foot. in a small enough gear to cycle one legged if any problems arise till i can clip in both sides. Though practice makes perfect, and its just natural to push off and on the first rotation get my foot in now. give it time and find a safe get out if traffic is involved.
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  • pst88pst88 Posts: 632
    I have the same problem having just started out with Look Keos (Classic). Getting the foot out is fine but getting it back in is the problem. I find I have to try to flip the pedal the right way up with the toe and clip in but it doesn't always work. Cue lots of faffing and one legged riding until I can finally get it in... just in time to unclip for the next junction! I'm sure with time it'll become 2nd nature though.
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