Wheel spin of frame flex?

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As a newbie to racing, I noticed something odd the other day while at Hog Hill. When giving it some wellie out the saddle the rear wheel/triangle seemed strange. I cannot work out if it is wheel spin or too much flex/give somewhere out the back.
It happened most laps when i was honking out the saddle and it was when going uphill, which makes me think wheel spin. But it was mostly dry and i was leaning pretty far forward (like everyone else) over the bars. It's hard to describe but felt a bit like wheel spin but a bit different too as if the chain/seat stays were flexing too much, which baring in mind my pretty low power output may not be possible.
My bike is an alu frame, with carbon rear triangle and the seat posy pretty high. Any ideas? Thanks.


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    Probably just down to technique.
    Sometimes. when I'm out of the saddle the back end skips and slips about, due to my weight being too far forward. More exagerated if you're clipped in, and pulling up on the pedals... :wink:
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    Firstly, give you frame a good look-see to make sure that there's no cracks / things coming loose as a wayward rear is a sign of a broken frame - particularly if you hadn't experienced it before. It could also be slack spokes in your rear wheel or a loose hub - apply some side-to-side force to the rim/tyre to check. You can get wheelspin on steep / greasy roads, particularly out the saddle and likewise wheel skip on rough surfaces. A lot does depend on the frame - some are notoriously whippy / flexy whereas I find overly-stiff frames just hop about on anything but smooth tarmac. It often comes down to finding a frame that suits your style or riding - some are more suited to one style or riding than another.
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    Thanks for the reply - i'll check the frame but i'm guess it's me as it tends to spin/flex/wobble when it's a steep hill. I always thought it was best to lean forward when trying to power up a climb to keep the weight in the right place!

    I rather stupidly posted the same topic twice so below i have cut and pasted the responses from the other identical post in the hope we all use this one.



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    If you are getting wheelspin (which you should be able to feel by the change in resistance), try moving your weight back slightly when you're out of the saddle. I have this problem when I'm powering over short climbs in a big gear sometimes.


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    Try dropping down a gear or so, driving up hills in high gear means you're heaving sudden power rushes through the pedals which will inevitably lead to frame flex and wheelspins. Obviously over a short climb you don't want to be spinning like a loony but find a happy medium...

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  • i noticed a similar thing going up a hill that kicks hard round a corner. But for me, it was not flex, but insane wheel spin. there was ice and snow on the road, i was going up sideways! im amazed i stayed on.
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