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Why the lack of Campag rear hubs in the shops?

Sirius631Sirius631 Posts: 991
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I have several pairs of wheels for my various bikes, from a Zipp 900 disk with 808 front to a pair of Campag Khamsins for winter. I also have a pair of Campag Chorus on Mavic Open Pro CDs that I built myself. I was thinking of building another pair for road training, but that seems to have been scuppered because of the lack of Campag rear hubs in the shops. I've checked Wiggle, Ribble, Chainreaction and Probikekit, and all of them only have only the Record rear hubs, which is a bit OTT for my needs.

What is going on? Why the lack of stock?
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  • Because campag only make Record hubs now. Making hubs doesn't help their wheel sales
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  • Which is a shame as their hubs are great. Also a bit poor that the Record hubs are only available in 32h and not 20/24/28 etc.
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,970
    Maybe it's not just hubs...

    I was in Evans the other night and got talking to a couple of the lads. The only Campag stuff they sell is on the Bianchi bikes. They only have the odd (but few) miscellaneous Campag items knocking about, but that's mainly in the workshop for repairs.

    One of the lads 'blamed' it on SRAM offering the top end RED for a considerable saving over Record or Super Record. Buyers are being priced out of the Italian stuff.

    It's a shame; I have never ridden Super Record, but if the entry level Veloce I have on my winter bike is anything go by... blimey!

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  • balthazarbalthazar Posts: 1,565
    mmacavity wrote:

    mmacavity would you please provide some contextual information with your single-link replies? Half the time they are pdf's or java; I'm often browsing from a phone or over an intermittent internet connection, for which the download of a 5-10MB pdf, or java-heavy page, will cause all sorts of trouble. Others may be browsing from older or odder computers which are similarly troubled. Is it so difficult to write a short descriptive sentence?!

    FWIW – the link he gave is to a contact form for Campagnolo, if you wish to write them an email.
  • 2alexcoo2alexcoo Posts: 251
    Try Total Cycling for Campag compatible hubs.

    The Ambrosio Zenith or Miche RC2 will do the job for much less than Record. Worth emailing them to check stock before placing an order though!
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    I built up some Miche hubs for some C-X wheels this season - prety cheap, light and with easily replaceable cartridge bearings.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    Chain reaction have some cheap Ritchey WCS Campag compatible hubs

    If you really want Campag hubs they often crop up un Ebay.I saw some Veloce front hubs a couple of weeks ago for like £15 brand new.
    I know you may think Record is over the top but they are very good hubs.I had Mirage before and had bearing issues which I didn't think I would get with Campag.
    It is a shame Campag don't offer any more hubs and more importantly in more spoke hole combos.
    Its a cunning buiness plan though and this is how they are moving along with everybody else.
    How many new bikes these days come with decent hubs on standard wheels?Very few as most are pushing their own brand high margin crappy factory built wheels.
  • 100%100% Posts: 236
    Monty Dog wrote:
    I built up some Miche hubs for some C-X wheels this season - prety cheap, light and with easily replaceable cartridge bearings.

    Which ones did you go with? I've been having exactly the same issues as the OP and been thinking of Miche as a possible alternative.

    I believe that there's some mid range stuff available that doesn't always get imported here but could be totally wrong.

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