should i change my tyres

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hi. i have a 2009 caad 9 with the stock tyres (vittoria zaffiros). i also have a pair of continental gatorskins that have only done about 60 miles. is it worth changing them over? i sometimes get a bit twitchy with the vittoria ones in the wet and on tight corners.


  • sungod
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    i'd just give it a go and see if handling improves
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    Suck it and see - not much hassle changing a set of tyres so what's to lose? :)
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    What they said, plus with the gatorskins you should see the p* fairly less (possibly) :wink:
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  • I have the same bike & changed the tyres for similar reasons. I'd change them over see how they feel.
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  • Conti Gatorskins are pretty poor in wet conditions as well (last forever though) but if you're not happy I'd change them over, if they're better then great. If not, at least you know.
  • Your gatorskins are an exellent winter tyre. Save the Vittorio's for summer.