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I've been riding a bit for a cpouple of years now, but nowhere near the amount of miles i'd like, and usually on my own, due to being the only mate i know being into biking at all.

My wife is also wanting to get into it, but is having difficulty, she used to ride motorbikes all the time, so isn't afraid of two wheels ,it's more the 'no protection' thing about no big jacket etc, and fear of being able to stop (no engine for braking).i

'm not good enough to help out really, so...

skills - been looking at getting dirtschool DVD, i've heard lots of praise from experienced riders, but any new riders tell me if it's as good as all that? I'm hoping it will help me, but also help my wife's confidence on her bike, if she has a bit more knowledge.

we do also want to take a beginners course (i'm sure i now have terrible habits).. possibly Giant Rock (it's very near us and he has an impressive beard, i'm influenced by things like this) as well, but am hoping something like dirtschool would help both of us get out there more in the meantime.

motivation - do you use dvds of riding for motivation, and if so, which ones do you rate? if i get dirtschool, then home is an obvious choice.

sorry for the long, begging post, but the weather/winter has beaten me a bit, and i really want myself and my wife to do some decent riding this spring/summer, so skills and motivation are the biggest factors!


  • no-one seen dirtschool?
  • Hi,
    the dirtschool dvd is pretty good. It covers quite a wide variety of skills and situations.
    Personally i'd get a copy of Brian Lopes' book 'Mastering mountain bike skills'
    it covers all areas of riding right from the basics and tips on bike set-up to jumping .
    As for motivation,i don't bother with dvd's,i'm lucky in that lee quarry and the pennines are on my doorstep so i don't have to travel to get out on the bike.
  • cheers bobinho, will definitely check the book out.
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    i've seen the dirtschool dvd. pretty decent, not too long and doesn't try to overcomplicate things which seems to be a problem with a lot of skills advice!
  • Where are you mate?

    MTB riders are always happy for members to tag along!!

    Any MTB DVD for me gets me motivated!!

    Love to just get out and ride but understand it is difficult to motivate yourself sometimes.
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    i watch dust to bones and then go out with all the armour i can find flat out!
  • Where are you mate?

    MTB riders are always happy for members to tag along!!

    Any MTB DVD for me gets me motivated!!

    Love to just get out and ride but understand it is difficult to motivate yourself sometimes.

    i'm near the dales, which if i don't mind an hour or so on a road, means i could get to some decent places. My wifre reeeeaaaallly wants to join me, so anything that helps her and myself, and has basic stuff so she knows, and can see, stuff is possible before she tries it, that'd do (and for me too, not saying i'm a fantastic rider by any means).

    thanks all for the replies everyone, cash allowing i'll be getting the home and dirtschool dvd bundle :D
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    I liked the Dirtschool DVD, though to me it's not so much a beginner product as a "sorting out rough edges" guide for, er, experienced but iffy riders. Like me.

    Brian Lopes's book is very good, it tries just a wee bit too hard to be funny mind but the examples are well laid out, good use of photos and diagrams and the language is clear.
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    Yes, some good advice here. Get the Brian Lopes book then watch dirt school http://www.resetfilms.co.uk/. they are both fairly structured and build up from the more simple techniques. Then get fundamentals http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fundamentals-Moun ... 518acbe4dd. Then watch some other people riding. Like the collective , Seasons, Roam http://www.thecollectivefilm.com/ virtuous http://www.ionatefilms.com Perhaps Home (but I haven't seen that one so can't comment).

    My only criticism of dirt school is the quiet sound with birds and stuff in the background and under exposed camera work. The content however is very good.
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    I've just posted a thread about meeting new riding buddies and would love to meet with you guys as I'm in Harrogate and travelling is no problem. I'm not the fittest rider but reasonably ok technically and love teaching my beginner friends some of the techniques like climbing, descending etc so would e happy to pass any help on if i can

    if you fancy meeting up, just let me know as I'm planning on heading to the Dales soon anyway