Help. Advice needed on shoes and cleats

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I have recently bought my first road bike, a Trek 1.1. Enjoying it and friends have said that wearing shoes and cleats would make a real difference. I have seen a pair of Specialized BR Road shoes. It mentions Fits three-bolt Time, Look, Shimano SPD-SL and 2-bolt Shimano SPD-R cleat systems. Help!!! Would these then fit onto my existing pedals. Any advice on this would be great.


  • What are your existing pedals? The shoes you mention will accommodate all types of commonly used cleat but the cleat has to match the pedal system. Does that make sense?
  • turn the bike upside down
    going downhill slowly
  • Thanks for the quick replies.

    The pedals are the ones that came with the bike. Nylon body w/alloy cage.

    Forgive me......Turn the bike upside down?!
  • sounds like you have got cages on the bike pedals rather than clipless pedals, when i had cages on mine, pretty much any shoes fit in them so you dont need to buy the spesh BR road shoes unless you also want to buy the pedals (cleats come with the pedals generally)
  • What he said.

    Pedal for cleats:



    Shoe with cleat attached:

  • I have Shimano M540 double-sided clipless pedals and Shimano MT30 shoes (both from chainreactioncycles aka CRC). These are in the MTB section but I use them on a road bike - you can walk normally in the shoes (in road shoes you walk like you've just had a little 'accident' :oops: ) - and in the review section you'll see that others use them on a variety of bikes. Just noticed that my shoes are no longer available but the MT22 & MT32 are either side of my price point. Unless you're going to be racing these are a good starting-off point both price-wise and from an ease-of-use point. Good luck.
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