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Sorry, probably been posted loads before, but do Shimano shoe sizes come up bigger? ie I'm normally an 11/46 should I be looking at 12/47?
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    I've had a pair of Shimano road shoes for years, size 44, which is my normal size, and they fit perfectly. So, when I was looking for some spd's recently, I ordered some Shimano's in a 44, and lo and behold they were too small, so had to be exchanged for 45's :? As the spd's are a recent purchase, I assume they've modified their sizing
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    I found their shoes to be a bit small and weird shape, squared off if you like.

    Best go try some on, all the 44s I tried varied so much in size and shape I reckon you'd be mad to buy online.

    Mavics fitted me the best and were the closest to proper sizes ( ie I'm a 44 and bought a 44), FWIW.
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    I am a UK 11 and got a pair of 45s. These are slightly too small, so I reckon that 46 should be okay. Best to try them though if you're not sure: I'm regretting not doing so a bit!
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    + 1 re small size.

    When I got mine via my LBS I was advised to get a size larger as Shimano were on the small size.

    Me thinks that Italians have thinner feet as the shoes I have are perfect widthways but there is a little room at the front.

    I agree with 'Evil Laugh' always try them before buying then if better buy on line.

    Good look with your search.
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    +2 I'm usually a size 7/8 but my Shimano road shoes are a 9. In length they are possibly a bit long but they are comfortable, I have an older pair of size 8 which I can only wear with the thinnest of socks. When you go for a fit make sure your feet are hot as this is how they will be when you are riding and hot feet are bigger than cold ones.

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    I'm a UK 11 and have very broad feet to boot (pardon the pun) I've got some 46s in a wide fitting and they're fine
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  • +....4

    i got a 44 in shimano but 43 elsewhere
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
  • Thanks everyone. Reason I ask is the jejames have a reasonable pair reduced in their sale and they only have a size bigger than my usual size. May take the plunge and see what they're like!
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    Defo come up small, I'm a UK 10 and take 46 in Shimano and Sidi for what that's worth.
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    I have some Specialized shoes in size 43, but my Shimanos are size 42 (which is my usual size).
  • My shimano 132's come up in my size, not bigger or smaller than my usual shoe size as below. So it seems there is contrary feedback here. If you take the punt to save some money be prepared to send them back.

    My experience of sizes normal shoe size 7:

    Specialized 41 fit
    Shimano 42 fit
    Sidi 42 way too small
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