Looking at a new bike...that old chestnut!

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I am looking to buy a road bike now as I move into using it for longer rides at the weekend. i live in Italy so will spend quite a lot this in the area around the Italian Lakes which is a mixture of (steep) climibing and the flat. I'd like to move into amateur racing at some point, but need to train first. I commute every day with a KTM trek which is fine, but heavy! . I'd like to spend around 1,000 UKP.
Bikes in Italy are a lot more expensive (Euros to Pounds..) and bike shops not so hot on the fitting and customer servide angel so I am thinking to buy on line from the UK.

I am 1m95 with long legs so I think I will need to look at a 61 / 62cm frame of which there are not many about.

I am looking at FELT Z85 61 cm at the moment, but was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions as to this bike or any others.