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Been mtb'less for a few months now as been doing some road riding but want another mtb. Spent all weekend going round bike shops looking for a F/S but couldn't find anything that I really liked. The only F/S that have cought my eye are the new Whyte E-120 S and the Lapierre Zesty 514 but these two are more than I want to spend at the moment the other two are the 09 Meta 5.2 the 09 MV 5.8 can't find any of these around ? So I'm thinking get a HT for now but not sure which ? On one Inbred or 456 or a Rock Lobster 853 suppose I'm looking for something that will use a 100-140mm fork and good for general xc/trail use same with the F/S. Had 150-160mm last bike and was way too much travel and too heavy. Oh and I'm 5'6" so what size On One or R/L Thanks.


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    Can't beat a Hard Tail I rekon

    Cotic Soul will take 100-140. nice and light but capable too. Different price bracket though
    not sure on R-Lobster max fork length?
    456 is slack and a bit heavy. Up to you but unless you want a big hitting bike....
    Evil Sov is designed for 100-140 but is heavier and in a different price bracket aswell

    Personally for trail riding I find 100mm to be enough. In the mountains or on something nearer the edge of my comfort zone, the ability to dial up to 140 is nice but 100 does for me 90% of the time.
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    rl is 100mm and reasonably capable. Given what I've heard the Soul is supposed to be a little more versatile. if you're going to have one bike I'd probably go for the soul (in hindsight), if you're planning on getting a f/s as well later, think about getting the lobster then a slightly tougher f/s.
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  • On the FS side of things, have you tried any of the Giant Anthem X's?

    I've recently switched from a HT to an X3 (now with upgrades) - it is an awesome bike for XC, climbs fantastically and can handle some rough stuff too - have been up to Swinley every weekend for the last few as it's so much fun..
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    Yes I'm interested in the X4 (like white bikes) it's cheap(ish) great frame and has huge upgrade potential BUT I still really like the Whyte and Lapierre :? can't find a local giant dealer with a Anthem in a small to try, medium is too big.

    The Soul is nice but out of stock in orange plus yes it is quite a bit more £'s than the On One and R/L.

    Hmmm :?
  • Not sure where in Hants you are but I think Behind The Bikeshed in Andover may have a small in stock.. for size don't worry too much about whether it is an X1/2/3/4 as they all use the same frame..
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    Thanks I'll give them a call. I'm sort of Alton way so not too far.
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    If I went with a On One frame what would suit me best for the style I'm after xc/tral ? 456 or Inbred pretty sure I wouldn't want the 456 Summer? but then I've read better to choose the Scandal over the Inbred as it's alot lighter :?

  • go for the inbred
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