Hope saw floating rotor advice

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HI Guys, lookind to buy some hope saw rotors for my spark, i have 185 front and 160 rear Avids at the moment, i can only get a 183 front, :( can i get an adaptor for this? or can i run both 160s ? any advice woulld be a great help,

Thanks Karno.


  • nicklouse
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    185 183 is basically the same.

    you will need to remove/bend the pad removal tabs on the pads to clear the rivets on the rotors.

    Oh and you will not see any improvement in braking just bling and harder pad changing.
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  • Karno
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    cheers for that advice, just the sort of thing i need to know,

    Topman< cheers K. :D
  • Northwind
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    If you want a really quick review, it's "Don't bother", as Nick says just bling. They're not even all that light.
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    I must admit I bought mine mainly for the bling but found that if your doing a long descent they do seem to perform a little better. I ride Snowdon a lot and big rotors are good, Ive done it on normal 203 rotors and lost a lot of stopping power, the floating seems to keep its stopping power.
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