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I have recently come back from a trip to Afan and was using my brothers Marin Rocky Ridge, I loved the way you could chuck it round the corners, down the trails and charge up the climbs. I am looking for a new bike myself, and some thing like the rocky ridge would be good. I have been looking at may be an 09 frame and then spending up to about 1800 on it.

Has any one got any suggestions as to what bikes I could go with, that are similar to the Rocky? Also where to get them!

Thank you! :D


  • Why not get an 09 rocky ridge if you enjoyed it - there are a few 09 on special offer at the moment for under a grand. Then use your extra money to get some light but tough tubeless ready wheels - Stans Rims on Hope hubs for example. Alternatively Orange do a similar bike that gets good test results but I can't remember the name. From memory the Orange was a bit more allround trail while the Marin was more downhill/ play orientated.
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    Orange Crush. However, the 09's seem to be sold out everywhere and the 2010 version is slightly more "xc" oriented, rather than a hooligan. Others to consider would be the Orange P7, Genesis Alpitude or Genesis Abyss, and the frame only route of a Ragley Blue Pig/Mmmbop etc.

    I however, went for the Rocky Ridge. It's a great value package imo
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    forgot this one as well. Awesome bike - great price - had they been selling these at that price when I got my Marin - I wouldn't have got my Marin!!! ... -bike.html
  • I have had a look around and ordered some of the bikes mentioned for demo, along with the Whyte 905, any one had any experiences with the 905?
  • The Rocky Ridge is a great bike, but the spec in the 2010 leaves a lot to be desired compared the the 2009, so if you can get a 09 I would go for it.

    The Orange crush is a very capable bike and they always seem to get good feedback and reviews, the Cove stiffee deal looks great.

    Good that you are acually getting to test these as most folks don't.