LBS wheel rebuild issues!

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Recently, my mech hanger sheared and my rear campy mech went into my back kysrium wheel.

The spokes were damaged and the rim has a small kick of about 2mm on rotation.

Now my LBS seemed to think this couldnt be trued, and told me i needed a WHOLE new wheel including hub! I asked them why they couldnt rebuild and true it with new spokes and they just said it wouldnt work. SO therefore I wondered - are they lying? Surely if the rim is too damaged a new rim could be laced onto the existing mavic hub? As there is nothing wrong with the hub!


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    Dont know if it that simple for a factory built wheel.
    Some LBS have trouble getting the spokes.

    Take it to another shop for a second opinion.

    There are websites where you can buy individual spokes, so maybe a look on line would give you an idea of what is available.

    I build my own wheels so I can replace rims and hubs when needs must.
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    I think the issue is the cost of the rims are expensive (about £50+) so maybe it just isnt worth doing.??

    I had a pair of £500 Ksyriums but they were about 8 years old. I didnt know whether to sell them with my old bike or keep them as they ran true and smooth. I was advised that the rims were worn and to replace the rims would out cost the wheels so to get rid......

    However if it doesnt need a rim then I dont see any reason why it cant be trued?? Might be woth getting some spokes yourself and having a go???!!

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    You should try taking it to another shop, have a look on the Mavic website and take it to an approved service centre shop - I think they can get the parts etc. that stores not part of the program can't get.

    My Aksiums that I batter on the 'cross bike have been trued by my LBS before now - a Mavic approved service centre.

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    The problem is with the lack of spokes.
    It may well be that you have bent the rim rather than just knocking it out of true.You cant true a bent rim.
    Rims are expensive when you can get them.Getting hold of factory built wheel rims is pretty difficult as they would rather sell you a newwheel.
    If you need new spokes too then get your credit card out as they cost around £3 each for a steel spoke and god knows how much for an alloy one.
    Just accept that its toast, buy a new wheel and get riding again.
    And for what its worth your hub may look fine but I've seen far to many Mavic straight pull hubs fracture around the spoke flange than I care to remember.
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    A quick google came up with this ... spoke.html

    So it really depends upon if the broken spokes are the problem or the rim is bend beyond repair.

    If you only had a couple of broken spokes, it might be worth buying new and fitting, then trying to true the wheel.

    It isnt too hard to do this yourself.