Cycle 2 Work Halfords £500 Budget.

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Hey Folks, Im looking for suggestions as to what road bike's I should be looking at as I have a £500 Halfords cycle to work voucher (They can order bikes not stocked by themselves but would be rrp only). I know the budget isnt ideal but its limited By Royal Mail and cant be added to for tax reason's.

Im looking to use the bike for some training indoor on a turbo and outdoor with one eye possibly on doing a Triathlon (for fun) later in year... Maybe hehe. So nothing to serious but i really want to get as much for my £500 as possible.

Many thanks!


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    There's a range of great looking sub £500 bikes from Giant and the Specialized Langster (single speed) would make any triathlon even more challenging! Then of course you have the Halford range of Boardmans such as the Boardman Performance Hybrid Comp Bike and Boardman Road Bike Comp.
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    As a Royal Mail employee myself, I took my £500 to Leisure Lakes in Bury, and got myself the excellent Specialized Allez double. I then got an £85 voucher a few weeks later for Halfords which I used to buy a computer and bottle cage, + some other bits.
    The Specialized is mint, very happy with and have done over 1200 miles on it since August now. A lot of people will say get a Boardman, but you can't at this price point.

    Edited to add, I think Leisure Lakes will allow you to add to the £500 if you wanted to as well.
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    Do what cw42 said. For £500, you could only get the Boardman Hybrid Comp commuter, or the singlespeeder. You couldn't even get a Carrera Vanquish which on paper looks a decent enough ride.

    The equipment on the base Allez isn't the best but it's a class frame that you could upgrade over time if you so wished. Halfords could get one in if your not near to a Leisure Lakes.
  • Blimey, didnt realise the Royal Mail scheme was limited to 500 squids! :shock:

    I could not get the nationwide username and password to work on the c2w site back in November '09 and in the meantime I bought a 500 squid Tricross '09 Singlecross for 350, almost giving me c2w savings and supporting my LBS (Hargroves on MIllbrook Road West). :)
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    Yes the £500 limit sucks but its great to know I can use Leisure Lakes as the one in Wolverhampton isnt to far.

    Many thanks all who replied.