Busted bike...In need of help!

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I am new to Road cycling, and have just bought a Trek 2.1 two days ago, which has '105 STI shifters' and 'Jagwire L3' cables.

Whilst i was changing gear the gear cable which goes to the front mech suddenly went slack.
I've had a look, and to be perfectly honest, i have no idea of how, or what has happened.

I'm going to take i back to my LBS, but would appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me on how this happened, and what may be broken or 'out of place' etc..

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  • craker
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    probably something really simple like the bolt attaching it to the mech. wasn't done up tightly, so the cable has wormed its way out when its under tension.

    Have a look where the cable attaches, the bolt clamping it to the mech might appear to be nice and tight. Undo it, pull the loose cable tight (eg with a pair of pliers) and do the bolt up again.

    It may need trimming again (with the barrel adjusters) but if it mostly works then that's was the problem.
  • LeighB
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    If your going to take the bike to the shop it would be a good idea to let them point out what has gone wrong then in the future if the same thing reoccurs on the road you may be able to effect a repair to get yourself home. It is quite helpful to be able to do basic repairs (like fixing a flat tyre) whilst out on the road, it would be a shame to have to cut your rides short by having to call for help every time you have a slight mechanical problem. Mr-si has probably given the correct diagnosis.