Two shifters to 1 mech

The Wrong Bike
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Has anyone seen a widget that would allow 2 shifters to work 1 mech?

I have Ultegra at the mo and use my road bike with clips on bars for local 10s etc.

Ideally id like to have a rear shifter on the clip ons, so that I can shift when there.

seen a widget on parker but relies on down tube shifter bosses, which I dont have (Cervelo s1)

Id happily go for something that was either or, so I could unclip the handlebar shifter and clip into the bar end etc.

I could design something, but that wont be cheap to make

Any ideas of anything out there?




  • Wappygixer
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    Shimano used to make an XTR add on for fitting on MTB barends.So from this its not impossible.
    How you would do it though is beyond me .
    My only caution would be getting both shifters to work together, when you shift from one the other would have to move also, otherwise your indexing would be all over the place.
  • this is possible with shimano di2