Fitting carbon seatpost to alloy frame

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Hi people,

Got a carbon seatpost for my alloy frame. Can I just use normal bike grease and tightenen up finger tight with my allen key (as I don't have a torque wrench?)

Any other top tips?




  • Wappygixer
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    Best not to use grease but use cabon assembly paste like this
    You can tighten with standard allen keys but be very carefull you don't crush your seat post, its so easy to do.
  • topdude
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    If you use grease it will slip, hairspray works well and a lot cheaper than assembly paste.
    As far as tightening the clamp, you will need to do it up quite tight by hand with a normal allen key. In fact i doubt you could do it tight enough by hand to do any damage.
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    I just put mine in and it seemed fine
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  • Does anyone know if these are any good?
    Carbogrip is a special high-molecular weight silicone resin that, sprayed on a component, creates a strong grippy surface.

    - prevents part slippage and the consequent overtorqueing of the fixing bolts
    - facilitates clamping of smooth carbon parts
    - anti-seizing
    - perfect as threadlock (steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon bolts)
    - waterproof
    - very easy to use: no need for brushes as with other assembly pastes/liquids ... -15727.htm
    5 gram sachet.
    Creates extra friction between two surfaces, allowing tightening torque to be reduced
    by up to 30%.
    Particularly useful for use where over-clamping can damage sensitive components such as Carbon bars or steerer tubes.
    Approved for use with carbon, steel, alloy and titanium surfaces.
    Use with Ritchey Torqkey to ensure safe installation of Ritchey bars and stems.