SPD Cleats seized

The Mechanic
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I need to replace my SPD cleats but the screws are seized and the hex heads have now rounded off despite copious amounts of copper eaze during fitting. Can I drill out the screws without damaging the threads or would I need to replace the plate inside the shoe as well.
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  • The only solution that I have to this (which I seem to have to do everytime I replace cleats) is to get a power drill and drill the bolts out. Get a decent quality metal drill bit of a size just smaller than the head of the bolt. Clamp the shoe and get busy with your power tool drilling the head off the bolt.

    Only take a couple of mins with a decent drill bit, although I was slightly nervous taking a drill at the carbon sole of my shoe, if you're careful there's no risk of damaging it.

    Oh, and wear glasses or goggles. There can be a shower of small pieces of hot metal as you drill it out, not good for the eyes.

  • Steve_b77
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    I know it's a bit late now but if your bolts are too tight to be undone with an allen key.

    Get the appropirate sized hex fitting for a battery drill, hold the shoe tight and use the drill to spin teh bolts out, the instant torque of a 14.4v battery drill budges even the most stubborn of cleat bolts.
  • Thanks guys. Looks like a job for the weekend.
    I have only two things to say to that; Bo***cks