Titanium HT's - whats the difference?

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Im fancying a new hardtail to build up

Theres a lot of choice

As far as I see it I have the Ti456 at one end as a big forked bulldozer with the Cotic Soda at the other as a precision race tool running a smallish fork and the Hummer lying somewhere in the middle

I have no idea where the Ragley or Lynskeys fit either

Can anyone help me?
Or am I better off just buying a Soul which would make me feel good even if Im having a midlife crisis and have hidden enough cash from my GF to buy a stupidly expensive Ti frame?

I want to hammer my local trails with occasional trips to Wales and the Peaks



  • Splottboy
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    I had a Ti Airborne, climbed beautifully and a Ti Raleigh RSP, not as nice but still a great ride.
    Also had 853 hardtail, same geometry as Ti Airborne. Was actually better descender than the Ti jobbys.

    So...it it was my choice, Ti first, 853 second.
    XT level kit, Tubeless tyre/2.3s, Thudbuster, light hydro brakes, little or no carbon!