Single Speed - first ride

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I took delivery of my Charge Freestyler at the weekend, promptly changed the tinsy riser bars for bull horns, the silly 1 finger mini brake levers for proper 2 finger ones, the saddle for a Charge Spoon and the pedals for a set of single sided SPD's with flats on the other side.

Had a couple of spins up and down the road outside my house and thought to myself - this is nice, wonder how the 42:16 gearing will be on my 9mile commute in London.

So today was my first ride - been riding on a flat barred geared commuter for the last 6 months - off I set from my digs and into the traffic, once up to speed the bike was fantastic, the steel frame smoothing the knackered London roads pretty well as I just pedalled along.

I thought the commute may take longer as I had a compact on the other bike with a 11-32 cassette, but no it took the same time and I arrived feeling fresher and not as sweaty despite the slightly warmer weather :shock:

The return trip was the same, winner.

I can see the gear actually being a little too small as the only kind of hill on my ride is along Camden road between Holloway Road and Camden Street, which was pretty simple.

Overall much impressed was I :D