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Comfy Seat for Larger Guy

ShadowKShadowK Posts: 16
edited February 2010 in MTB beginners

I posted on here a while back about getting a bike as I'm a 26 Stone guy and, have now settled with one. Just been to the shop and tried it out and all works perfectly; it's a Giant 2009 but not sure of the exact model and I took it home before I made a note of it (can add it later if necessary). It was on sale from £450 for £300 though and comes with brake disks is that narrows it down at all. Think I found the same model when researching it for about £330 in a sale online but can't find where I saw that now!!

Anyway; when I got home though I jumped on to have a proper ride and found the seat to be VERY uncomfortable. Done a bit of googling and found a load of info about the presseure on your peri.... something. lol Looked for some comfy saddles for larger guys though and finding an abundance of different saddles but no idea what will/won't suit me.

Didn't even think to ask the question in store though was thinking of taking it out for a ride this weekend to see if it feels any better.

Any suggestions would be welcome?
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