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Chain slipping

fredyfredy Posts: 308
edited February 2010 in MTB beginners
Hi, i have a 3 month old apollo cx26s and the chain slips at high torque, resulting with either my manhood tieing the knot with the handle bar or my face getting close and personal with the floor.
This is really rather anoying so any insight to the problem/solution would be greatly appreciated.


  • DanlubeDanlube Posts: 454
    When you say slips, does they chain slip a gear? or does it seem to lose grip on the rear wheel/cassette in the same gear?
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  • jpstarjpstar Posts: 561
    Maybe the cassette/chain is worn, could be bad gear indexing or a combination.
  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    I dont really know how it slips, but i do know that it hurts when it does. IT stays on the same gear before and after the slip though. I adjusted the derailluers which improved things but did not fix the issue.

    If it is a new chain/casette job, what should i look to get and how should i treat it to avoid the same problem? the bike hasn't been treated well until recently (like i say, i'm new) so i wouldn't be surprised if it is worn parts.

  • It's most likely to be a fawlty pawl in your freewheel mechanism. This is not uncommon. They can be replaced.
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