newbie could do with new brakes

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Hello everyone, I have recently bought an apollo cx26s and have found out just how crummy it is. Most of all, the front disk brake is just plain useless.
So my question is, what can i do to improve the brakes? will new pads be all it takes? i could also do with some rear pads for the V brake. I am new to this and have no idea about all the different parts and brands and what not. Could someone shed some light?



  • nonnac85
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    Nless you find a very good second hand deal it will be a false economy to upgrade the brakes themselves. Have you let the existing pads bed in?
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  • fredy
    fredy Posts: 308
    I bought the bike in november and it has been riden hard (by my standards at least) on the north downs.
  • any chance you can fit disk brakes? some bikes with Vs come disk ready, that is a sure way to improve stopping performance.

    oh! and i just happen to have a set of used bled and ready to go shimano 486 hydraulic disk, and some 6 bolt rotors for sales. PM if interested