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Hub gears @ hole number

Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
edited February 2010 in Workshop
Can you get 32hole Shimano Nexus hub gears?

The only ones I've seen are 36H.

I'm contemplating for next winter building up a hub geared rear wheel for my plug.


  • PHcpPHcp Posts: 2,748
    Don't know about the Nexus, but the Alfine is available in 32h, by the time next winter comes along the new 11 speed Alfine should also be available, though no idea on drillings.
  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    23/36 I personally wouldn't worry about the weight of 4 spokes for a hub geared wheels.Its only going to add a few grams and will give a stronger wheels for the poor winter roads.
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    True, fancied using the rim I have though as it'll match the other one on the front
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