Orange Crush or Aggressor Elite???

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Hi Guys,

Had an extensive search for quite some time for a long travel HT. Im down to these two: ... ?&id=12697 ... Bid=t#dtab

I have tested both bikes for size etc. (had to check a different aggressor as halfords dont stock the elite in store).

If im honest I prefer the styling of the crush to the gt. The gt looks a little messy IMO. However there is no denying that the gt has the better spec across the whole bike.

I have read many posts about the 2010 crush and the same thing keeps poping up, the wheels. Are they mavic XM117's really that bad?

I've been waiting to see if halfords have a gt sale as this would be the clincher for the gt but I am running out of patients and leisure lakes have a free accessories offer on until the end of feb so dont want to miss that if I go for the crush.

Any comments from users or people in the know would be appreciated


  • jay12
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    i wanted to buy the normal crush(the one for £1100) before but was unpaitient so i started to build a bike :lol:

    anyway what i don't like about the ride to work crush is that they put on recons. the fox forks were the higlight of the bike so it's a shame.

    the gt doesn't look as nice but has a very good spec for the money. in the future you might want to change the frame if you would seriously think that the look of it makes you sick or something but gt frames are very goog none the less.

    the XM117 are not bad at all. it's just that the crush is made for aggresive XC and all mountain riding. if your going to use it for xc and riding to work they will be fine
  • ilovedirt
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    The wheels on the crush aren't great... the GT is £100 cheaper as it is, i'd say go for that, it's the logical choice. Unfortunately, i'd have the crush... just because i would.
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  • jay12
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    ilovedirt wrote:
    The wheels on the crush aren't great... the GT is £100 cheaper as it is, i'd say go for that, it's the logical choice. Unfortunately, i'd have the crush... just because i would.
    the crush in the link is the ride to work one which has RS recons. so it's £1000
  • supersonic
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    The GT - I'd even say the fork was better with the motion control damping and 20mm bolt thru axle. Cheaper and better specced throughout.
  • Yeah I chose the recons version because although the fox is a better fork I require the option for a 'lockout' which doesn't come with the fox fork.

    Don't get me wrong I could live with the looks of the GT (its not that bad). I just think that the crush is an all round better looking bike. Plus I know if I order the GT they will have a sale the week after I order it! (sods law).
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    I'd rather have a good value bike that works better than one that look better ;-)
  • ilovedirt
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    yeah i think in that case i'd go for the GT, i don't ride on road that much so no lockout wouldn't bother me too much, go for the GT, far better spec.
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  • passout
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    I don't know about the GT but the Orange has a great frame - I'd be tempted by the crush.
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  • joshtp
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    GT, no contest.
    better spec,. great frame, awsome value. great ride.
    crush is over priced, uynder speced and heavy
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  • mrfmilo
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    I really like the Crushs but this time go for the GT
  • Thanks guys, think I will go with the GT.

    @ Joshtp - how do you find your XCR. I read that they changed the geometry for the 140mm travel bikes as the standard frame wasn't right?
  • Out of the 2 I would go for the GT, I love my crush and would highly recommend it, but its a 2009 and Orange have made the 2010 more XC orientated.
  • Get The GT, I love the look of it! I am also getting the Elite soon, I am just waiting for the 20% off so it will be £800, cant go wrong.
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  • I am waiting for the sale as well, I think. 20% off makes it unbeatable! plus that £200 to spend on goodies! 8)