Buying more stuff, any thoughts would be good.

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Hi I'm buying some more stuff :lol:

Just wanted to get people thoughts on these things;

Cycle computer;

I wanted a compter that is back lit as well, reason being becasue when I'm cycling to work in the morining I can see the time. Is this one back lit and is it the best value for the money? Would this be any good, for what I need? ... 360018180/

Inner tubes;

Thats just a page of all of them, I take it they are all the same? I run tyres at 60psi so they need to able to work at that pressure.

I was hoping that this shock pump would be okay; ... %26otn%3D2

Any thoughts would be good. Thx


  • The Shock pump looks like the Beto shockpump which is well rated and good value. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and have no complaints at all, seems really well made.
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