Helmet cameras: VholdR Contour HD vs. GoPro Helmet Hero HD

CLTatters Posts: 40
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I know there's a million posts on helmet cameras generally but I've narrowed (boom boom!) it down to these two and would be interested to know if anyone has experience or compared them.
I want to be able to get quality video - i.e. watchable on TV. I'd like reasonable sound altho appreciate that for much of the time it's probably ok without it. I want to use it for mainly mountain biking & skiing. I'm hard on my kit so it needs to be durable. And I like decent quality - current cameras are a Canon 400D & an Ixus 100....
My main concern (I think they have their pro's & con's) is how to establish what you're filming - I know the Contour has lasers (nice!) but what do people find works? Are you having to record, stop, check, repeat?
(also, I'm a Mac user - any problems there?)