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Thanks to all those who responded to my "its all gone a bit pear-shaped" thread a month or so ago.

I'm doing MUCH better now! Rode yesterday and it all seemed to fall a bit into place.

I did 12 miles avg 10mph but high of 23 and low of 3 on the crest of a hill!!

I stayed local - never more than 3m from home, but looped & zigzagged my way round quiet country roads and tried to pick those with some hills and corners to improve my strength & handling skills.

Felt loads more confident with the bike handling this time, and I knew where I was in my gears all the time too, especialy useful on the hills.

Gave myself a few short but steeper hills and a few longer sapping inclines, just focused a few meters ahead and plugged thru.

Plucked up the courage to go faster on the descents (still braked quite alot though - one step at a time)

When on the flat I kept the gears lower and cadence higher to have something left in my legs for the hills.

Returned feeling really pleased. Tiny outputs compared to the rest of you but all good progress.

Felt so goood in fact, I thought I'd do my first ever brick and just try a jog round the block. Had to stop a few times to laugh - jelly legs! Really difficult to co-ordinate legs that have been going round for 40 mins to then go up & down!


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    Sounds like you've 'turned a corner' in your cycling. :D Well done!

    Keep-up on what you've learned and try to resist the urge to get over-confident. :wink:
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    +1 SLJ....

    There's a huge improvement in your motivation, detectable in the post.
    The difference in writing styles between posts is very positive.
    As skyd0g syas, resist the urge to go too far, too soon and blow what you've achieved... :wink:
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  • I promise not to get overconfident & cocky

    I intend to go out x2-3/week, weather permitting, 30mins ish, which I can fit into the working day (work from home) maybe longer at w/e, keep it manageable.

    Come springtime and better weather I can maybe join a beginner group in a club or something. They all seem a bit fast, and they're located in hillier bits than where I llve.

    Was telling myself yesterday, when I started running I didn't try 6 miles at first, I went round the block. was ages before I could run a a few miles without stopping.

    :( realised yesterday that I've overtightened the doo-dah spindle quick release thingy for the turbo trainer and chipped a bit of paintwork off my bianchi.
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    I've just started myself and it's not as easy as I thought it'd be but I'm slowly improving and the smallest, daftest improvement feels great.

    I started off doing about 3 miles and got off dying but I'm up to 20 miles now after 2 months. My average speed is 12.5 miles so I want to work on that but I'm hoping it all just falls in to place as I put the miles in.

    I think the most important thing for folk like us is just to enjy it and the rest will follow.
  • SLJ - you sound a different person :? The response you are now getting must be an encouragement. Don't be too bothered about "the rest of you", this is Road Beginners after all. Hero Athletes generally post elsewhere. However I have just signed up to do a C2C in June. i must be mad, the climbing thing is not really me :oops:
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    Nice one Jane!!

    Keep it going!