xt shifters from merlin

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built up some paypal funds and thinking of taking the plunge to get xt shifters from merlin to get 10% off. Debating whether or not to get with cables, has anybody made a purchase and opted for cables? If so whats included? Inner or inner and outer?



  • Andy B
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    Would guess inner only, best to contact Merlin to be sure if no-one here knows for sure.

    Fresh cables are always good.
  • dimmockg
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    i had a feeling inner only as well, i would contact but 10% ends at midnight, left it late as usual! :?

    if inner only, how likely do you think the cable will come pre-fitted?
  • nicklouse
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    as are spares.

    If they are aftermarket they should come with inners only.
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  • jpstar
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    probably very likely, bought some SRAM shifters, they came with the cables put in already.
  • ravey1981
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    I got some xt shifters from merlin, i specified no cables but they came with inner cables fitted anyway...always ggod to have spares though :)
  • Inners only and fitted, VERY easy to change.
  • stubs
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    Give them a call on 01772432431 and ask before you order. I have just been speaking to them and they were very helpful.
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  • I just bought some XT shifters. Looked at Merlin but www.ribble.co.uk were marginally cheaper. I believe that ribble have £10 off orders over £100 at the moment to, but I think it runs out today? Available for £62.69 at the moment (a good 26p cheaper!). Delivery is free over £50.

    http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/mtb-bm ... 0000000000

    The pack came with shifters and inner cable. Outer cable was not included.

    Have been very impressed with the upgrade overall - they made much more of a difference than I was expecting (I was only buying them as you can remove the indicators and it would solve some positioning issues on my cockpit...)!

    I've used Ribble a couple of times and, whilst they're not quite as speedy as CRC they seem ok.

  • dimmockg
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    thanks for all the answers/feedback, took the plunge just before midnight last night and ordered from Merlin - 10% off their £62.95 price.

    Order has been despatched so could have them as soon as tomorrow, all will be revealed if they come with cables or not!

    cheers all