What Bike ? ( Options Listed )

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Okay, im gna start saving for a new bike and looking for some help on the best option to go for. Ill be doing off road on road xc riding, i weigh 14.2 stone and do thrash the bike a fair bike getting some jumps in when i get the chance. Here are a few bikes that ive been looking at and quite like.

Kona Blast Deluxe

Kona Cinder Cone

Kona One20

GT Aggressor XCR Mountain Bike 09

Carrera Fury Mountain Bike 09

Carrera Zelos SL Mountain Bike 09 ( Not sure if i want a carbon fibre frame )

Carrera Banshee XXX All Mountain Bike 19" 2009

Quite a choice there lol, i can really say which one i like better as ive never been on any of them but the Kona one20 is a nice bike.

Thanks for any help in advance.



  • I asked pretty much the same question not long ago and it came down to the Fury. The offer at halfords ends tomorrow so don't wait around as there is 20% off all carreras which is about £130 on the Fury.

    Infact, nevermind i don't know about the Zelos and some of those Konas. I just persumed you were on the budget but all of those are different prices.
  • Yeh its a mixed price range there i just like them bikes and specs ill spend a max of £1000 gona start saving i just want something to work towards or ill never save the cash.

    Thanx anyway