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what camera how much & where you get from

mkfmkf Posts: 242
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following the thread from cat with no tail got me thinking what do we use to film our vids.

so come on.... your vid camera, how much did it cost and where did you get it from :wink:


  • Not that mine is anything to write home about in terms of quality! I'm using a Canon G9 at the moment. It's too limiting though (because I often take footage of people's holidays and make a wee video for them) so I'm evaluating my options for next year. Will definitely get a GoPro HD and also an as yet undecided camera to take non-helmet footage with.

    The canon was about £250 I think but it was a few years ago and I got it from Amazon. Good place to buy from, I had a couple of issues and I got a new one within a couple of days.
  • I think a lot of people now are going to be using the one linked to by Miss Marple in the buying advice section here. £12 delivered from Hong Kong.
    I'm fairly happy with mine overall, and delighted for the £12 I paid for it, but I may look to upgrade to a helmet hero at some point in the future. I find that the £12 one struggles with changes in light, and in low light, it just jurns into a blurry mess. Again though, for £12 I'm effin delighted. I'll continue to use it even if/when I get the go-pro because it's a good size to mount in awkward places to get interesting angles (as demonstrated in a couple of my vids.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    I've got a Helmet Hero (old, not HD) and a cheapo Ebay one. The HH is far better than the Ebay one but is it 10 times better? Nope, I don't think so. But it IS far easier to use, has a better view angle which makes a big difference, and great mounts, plus it runs off removable batteries which is better for long rides, trips away etc.

    I'd say just now the smart thing to do is buy a cheap one and wait for the HD cameras to drop in price further. The old HH should drop in price too but so far it doesn't seem to be doing much of that.
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  • popstarpopstar Posts: 1,392
    Got gopro HD, £300, it is comparable to vholdr, but offers more buck for the money. Also it's sound is way superior to vholdr's, and image is naturally lighter. If you go compare footages you would see that in some ways vholdr might give better colours but, low White balance, while gopro could be tweaked down on White balance and release all those vivid colours yet contrast and White balance would be better on gopro. Guess that's confusing allready. There is 1POINT though, about 1080* , if you happen to plan to upload your seksheh videos on YouTube or vimeo at 1080 most probably you would fail, as there is limit per video to upload, those 720* are in a range of 500+ mb per average video or 3-5minutes of footage. So to sum it all up, if you fancy making videos for yourself, then you won't regret for spending dosh, but if it's for YouTube thingy then most probably you would be fine with cheaper alternatives. Cos there is really a BIG price difference, and after uploading your HD footage almost half or even more quality is lost!

    Just my 2pence worth.
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  • Contour HD 1080P, fantastic after a few minor teething issues (£349) (Helmet mounted). 2 x el cheapo Muvi clones from that chap on Ebay (£20) (for front and back low level mounting) and a Sony TG7-VE (1080i) for the tripod shots (£550).
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    ive got a atc helmet cam the one with the screen, its pretty good, but i think im gonna get a HD one soon, for when i go uni, like the one tested in MBR recently
  • mkfmkf Posts: 242
    i'v just used my phone camera wrapped in clingfilm, most recently we've made a houseing out of cardboard to hold a mini dvd camera and zip tied to helmet :wink:
  • MrVanilla wrote:
    Contour HD 1080P, fantastic after a few minor teething issues (£349) (Helmet mounted). 2 x el cheapo Muvi clones from that chap on Ebay (£20) (for front and back low level mounting) and a Sony TG7-VE (1080i) for the tripod shots (£550).

    This is the setup I want to go for (minus the tripod shots). I've got the El Cheapo ones, now trying to decide which El Expensivo one to get.
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