Rims for 26" / 559 Touring Bike

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need to replace Sun CR18 rims for a 26" wheeled tourer. Seen that people recommend Exal but the LX17 look too narrow. Need to allow for 37-47mm tyes, Exal produce a lot of 19mm rims, not sure if any suitable for touring on. MX19 Look the nearest but I can't find any stockist - SPA only do the LX17. These need to be all purpose - fast long day rides, 2-3 week tours on road + tracks.

The Sun's have behaved well but can't seem to buy them again.

Many thanks for suggestions.


  • EwanR
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    I use Mavic XM719 rims on my tourer and they are nice and tough. They currently have 40mm tyres mounted and will happily take much fatter rubber so fit your tyre range needs.

    Previously I had the Mavic EX721 but these were just a bit too heavy so when they wore out I went for something a bit lighter.