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Hiya peoples, is it worth upgrading the Giant fcr 2 2009 model? i fancy converting it to drops with ergo's and upgrading the rear and front derailleurs to ultegra, ive heard that campy ergo's and shimano derailleurs are a great match as long as you keep the cassette to an 8 or 9 speed, hell knows if this is reet or not lol im just soooooo fed up with flat bars now, hope everyone is well.


  • ive had a FCR2 since May 2006 and after a year on it on it i thought about pimping it up a bit but then i thought your still gonna end up with a 21-22lb bike even with upgraded kit so in 2007 i bought a Scott CR1(17lb) for the summer and just use the FCR for winter, its done over 10000 miles and the only things ive had to replace are the cassette and chain ,the biggest weak spots on the FCR range are the wheels the oe ones on my 2006 bike are rubbish really but ok for winter duties, so i,d change them before anything else,i agree about the flat bars i get numb hands on mine after 30 miles which never happens on the Scott
  • the numb hands are a killer ! i made a mistake buying a mb, a bh expert 7.5, lovely bike but hell knows why i bought it, thus cutting the pennies out for a new road bike, wife would kill me lol i have the fcr2 on ebay so if it sells i may conjur up a pot of cash toward a better more suitable road bike, thanks for reply mate.
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    Are you bored of the bike ? - or want to try drops ?

    Id go for a 2nd user bike - with drops - personally I find shimano more comfy than campag - but thats a personal thing. The shifting on campag & shimano is different - campag has a more solid clunk, where as shimano is a lighter touch - I prefer shimano - but again its down to personal choice......